Hongke provides you with the most convenient one-stop site selection service to mining

Hongke selected plant overall service

Hongke selected plant overall service

Hongke selected plant overall service for the mine owners to provide from the test samples, mine design to equipment customization, debugging production one-stop factory service, solving the traditional plant common budget overruns, schedule delays, process equipment is not up to the standard, recovery efficiency is not clear, the manufacturer, buck passing, after-sales responsibility is not clear the problem for the customer. Since its inception, Acer has provided services for the whole plant more than and 200 mines.
Over the years, the Acer has been working in providing more professional plant overall service for customers, and continuously optimize their service, has formed a set of service system of their own, and set up a special design of mining company, to ensure selection factory service every step can be carried out smoothly, to Hongke selected plant services detailed flow chart, from every detail proceed, for customers to create a full range of green, high-efficiency factory.

Engineering consulting allows customers to choose their own factory have the whole concept, including mines value, useful mineral elements, available beneficiation process, scale plant, equipment, or time limit for a project of customer base to aware of.

Ore dressing experiment is Hongke selection factory service, provide the beneficiation test report for subsequent processing design, equipment selection and provide an important theoretical basis.

Hongke will provide customers construction condition investigation, compiling the “feasibility study”, “preliminary design report”, the overall design of a full range of customers including mining, mining, mineral processing plant, hydropower etc..

Equipment manufacturing link will purchase and manufacture energy-saving and efficient mining equipment for customers, including cement rotary kiln, metallurgy rotary kiln, lime kiln, zinc oxide rotary kiln, metal magnesium rotary kiln, ceramsite sand rotary kiln and so on.

Installation and commissioning is choose Hongke factory service truly realize the key step of the mineral processing experiment, mine design, equipment manufacturing, is directly related to the concentrator can reach the standard.

Worker training and installation and debugging, for customers to save time cost. Worker training has two purposes, one is to allow customers to select the plant as soon as possible to put into production, production efficiency; two is to train their own technical team for the customer, to provide protection for the normal operation of the plant after the election.

Standard production include: to achieve expected recovery rate, achieve for customers to choose factory design and production capacity of the yield and the quality of the products reach requirements, the consumption indicators meet the requirements, production costs are effectively controlled, the process equipment can operate stably.