rotary kiln dedusting equipment

rotary kiln dedusting equipment

Facing the increasingly serious environmental problems, how good governance industrial pollution has become one of the important subjects, now to the industrial projects, if there is no qualified environmental protection measures is difficult to be approved, as a manufacturer of rotary kiln, and the attention to this information, in the rotary kiln production line configuration, requirements of the dust removal equipment this piece also improved, according to the requirements of different customers, we will standard configuration of dust removal equipment.

Rotary kiln dedusting equipment mainly depends on the following aspects :

  • Gravity sedimentation: the dust laden gas into the bag filter, the larger particles, the larger proportion of dust, in the role of gravity sedimentation down, and the role of the settlement room is completely the same.
  • Screening filter: when the particle diameter of the dust filter material than the gap between the fibers or filter material on the gap between the dust, dust in the airflow through the resistance to stay.
  • The force of inertia: airflow through the filter cloth can be around fibers and, and large dust particles under the action of inertial force, still according to the original direction of movement, hence the filter media and collided captured.
  • The effect of thermal motion: the small dust of the light body with the air movement, very close to the line of air flow, can bypass the fiber. But they change the direction of motion when they are heated by the collision of the gas molecules of the Brown movement. This increases the chance of dust and fiber contact, so that the dust can be captured.

Rotary kiln dedusting equipment we offer

In order to better understand the dust removal equipment, We will describe the dust removal equipments provided by Hongke and their respective characteristics:

  • Multiclone Dust Collector:Technology is relatively mature, reliable operation and more widely used, mainly for the purification. The structure is simple, the manufacture is convenient, the area is small, the dust removal efficiency is not high, and the single use is difficult to discharge standard, and the investment is small. In general, as a multi-stage dust removal.
  • Dust removal filter :Technology is relatively mature, reliable operation, small resistance, the current use is not much, mainly for the initial purification. The structure is simple, the manufacture is convenient, the occupation area is much, the dust removal efficiency is low, and the investment is less than the standard, and the investment is small. In general, as a multi-stage dust removal.
  • Pulse dust removal:Technology is more mature, more widely used, mainly for fine purification, high dust removal efficiency, emission standards, power consumption is small, the structure is responsible for the higher investment.
  • Water mist dust collector:Technology is relatively mature, the use of more extensive, mainly for the purification, simple structure, high efficiency of dust, can discharge standards, investment is small, but must be treated mud.
  • Desulfurization tower: desulfurization device for middle small size rotary kiln flue gas desulfurization, with double method, lime – gypsum method, oxidation method of magnesium and waste desulphurization technology as a practical and reliable desulfurization technology, with less investment, low operation cost, large elasticity of operation, management and maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, has been pushing widely used for flue gas desulfurization in electric power, chemical, mining, metallurgy, light industry and other industry and other industrial waste gas treatment.