Shape: round
Temperature range: 1055 °C
Material: Carbon steel

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Shale ceramsite owns light weight, high strength, good thermal stability, frost resistance, sound absorption etc.,characteristics.Lightweight aggregate concrete has the advantages of light weight, high strength, earthquake resistance, carbonation, acid, wear resistance, heat insulation, volume stability, easy construction, and with the strength grade of ordinary concrete, can reduce the weight of 20% – 25%, greatly alleviating the structural dead load, improve the safety of the structure,which are ideal structural materials of high-rise buildings, large span building engineering.The appearance and color of shale ceramisite are different from different raw materials and process.The color of the ceramisite calcination mostly dark red, reddish brown, also have some special varieties for grey, black, gray and white, blue, etc..
Shale ceramsite production process is as follows: Mining – First broken – Secondary crushing – Screening – feeding – sintering – cooling – screening.

Shale Ceramsite Rotary Kiln technical parameter

Technical data