Main application:Pulverized coal burner is suitable for in various annealing furnace, metal heating furnace, quenching furnace, precision casting shell roasting furnace, smelting furnace, forging furnace and other heating furnace.
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Pulverized Coal Burner

Pulverized Coal Burner

Pulverized coal burner is a new rotary kiln heating equipment our company developed, with heat utilization rate is high, energy saving and environmental protection advantages, applicable to various annealing furnace, hot blast furnace, rotary furnace, precision casting shell roasting furnace, furnace smelting and casting furnace and other related heating furnace heating use. Pulverized coal burner with special design of multistage talkative air guide structure, can in a short period of time the pulveburnerburnerrized coal produce high-temperature vortex, with safe combustion, high heat utilization efficiency, smoke prevention and dust control, high efficiency and energy saving, improve working conditions, reduce labor intensity, etc., is an ideal product for environmental protection and energy saving.

What’s Pulverized Coal Burner?

The pulverized coal burner has a special designed multi-level air guiding structure with multi-vents, which can generate a high temperature swirl in a short time. It is an ideal energy-saving products with the features of complete combustion, high thermal efficiency, minimum smoke and dust, energy saving, working conditions improvement and labor strength reduction, etc. The working principle is to transit the fuel and required air to the furnace, passing the nozzle with a certain ratio, speed and mixing method. Pulverized coal burner is suitable for asphalt mixing plants, boilers, rotary kilns and other equipments that need the drying process.

The Features Of Pulverized Coal Burner

  •  Adopt new design structure, which changed the principle of traditional burner, adopt rotation type combustor to solve the imperfections of traditional burner (easy slagging, incomplete combustion).
  •  High flame temperature, energy saving, burning sufficient.
  • Adopt high performance refractory brick, prolong service life.
  • 24 hours continuous production, no need do slag removal work everyday.
  • 5. Production cost is low, the cost is only about 1/3 of the oil burner.

Technical data

Technical data of pulverized coal burner:

  • smoke emissions for pulverized coal burner Ringelman level less than or equal to
  •  the carbon content of ash in pulverized coal burner in about 0.1%, basically no toner;
  • The energy saving rate of the new type pulverized coal burner is 15-30%;
  •  the burner flue gas content in the flue without any dust removal equipment under the circumstances change the flue, as long as the wind coal combustion fully, can reach the national standard.

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