Pulse dust removal is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries of boiler, flue gas dust and material recovery, rotary kiln dust control. Is a large amount of air flow, dust removal efficiency, high dust removal efficiency, small floor area, stable operation, reliable performance, convenient maintenance of large dust removal equipment, the product using modular production, quality and stability. Has been successfully applied in power, cement, steel and other industries, can be widely used in metallurgy, foundry, electric power, building materials, mining, chemical and other industries.
For domestic coal-fired boiler flue gas dust removal technology and dust collector equipment status, after extensive analysis, the existing pulse bag type dust collector mature technology based on, we added a series of protection and detection system, complete design coal-fired boilers using bag filter, and has on many projects has been use and inspection.

The features of pulse dust removal

Pulse dust removal

Pulse dust removal

The pulse bag filter used for coal fired boiler in our company has been applied in many proprietary technologies, which are recognized by the design institutes and experts and have been proved to be practical. Mainly include: high pulse jet blowing technology: imported new low resistance, high efficiency, reasonable selection of long-life diaphragm electromagnetic pulse valve, spray blowpipe of original design and processing methods, bypass system, online cleaning ash system design makes the bag precipitator dust cleaning method has been thoroughly change.
1. Resistance high temperature filter material application technology: according to the characteristics of China’s coal-fired boiler flue gas, the high price of PPS filter, and the fiber for PTFE membrane treatment of leachate, solve the boiler flue gas temperature is high, ordinary filter material can not withstand and ordinary filter used for short life problems, and taking care of the filter’s performance to price ratio.
2 offline maintenance technology: the application of a new type of valve technology to achieve the dust removal of the maintenance function, (offline, online cleaning method can be arbitrarily selected). The protection device of the lifting valve is exempted from the dust collector failure caused by the lifting valve problem, thereby ensuring that the operation of the boiler is not influenced by the dust collector.
3. Dust protection technology: bypass system, pre spraying device, measuring temperature and humidity on-line detection device using, solved when the dosage of boiler combustion supporting oil and boiler fault of filter protection.
4. Detection and monitoring technology: for boiler precipitator features, set the flue gas temperature, humidity, dust collector operation pressure detection, material position detection, to run the equipment failure detection and advanced online detection, monitoring equipment, can be completed in a cloth bag dust remover all measurement, monitoring and control, alarm and protection and interlock etc. function, monitor the operation of the dust collector.
5 PLC programmable logic controller technology: the use of SIEMENS to provide the PLC programmable controller to control, with the system DCS communication interface, can be achieved on the bag filter hand / automatic control.
6 equipment resistance control: through a series of unique considerations in the equipment design, from the equipment structure and filter material two aspects to ensure the safety and reliability of the overall resistance of the equipment.
The use of a series of advanced technology, to ensure that the production of our company’s dust remover has a first-class technology, excellent price performance ratio.

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