Suitable for fuel: all kinds of combustible gas, fuel oil, etc..
Burning capacity: 8~2000*104Kcal/h.
Pressure: depending on the use of fuel, pressure requirements see the pressure of oil and gas burners.


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The burner applies to automatic operation manual automatic adjustment and flame-out protection control of natural gas burner burner for rotary kiln use, including operation, failure warning and temperature of burner ontology, ignition system, solenoid valve and control system.
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Characteristics of natural gas burner:

“The natural gas burner”, adopting patented products of our company, and its main characteristics is as follows: extending the rotary kiln for several meters and directly spray pure high-temperature flame into high-temperature area within the hearth so as to offer a solution to burner overheating problem, which is chartered by no smoking, quick warming and complete burning when firing in cold hearth. The load regulation is available from 30% to 100%. It is a new type of combustion device, adding the function of electronic ignition, flame detection and flame failure warning.

Basic function of natural gas burner

♦ Control function
♦ Display function
♦ Warning function
♦ Safety requirements
♦ Energy saving and high efficiency

Performance of natural gas burner

Natural gas burner

Natural gas burner

  • ombustion apparatus: Adopting patented products of our company, “Hongke burner” is invented by famous thermal industry expert- senior engineer Du Guanghua in our company with structure style of internal mixing type. Combustion flame tube is equipped in inside burner front end, and combustion flame tube is composed of different space of donut. Lower part of incendiary cylinder is furnished with different proportions of combustion-supporting swirl air, which enters flame tube and mixes with fuel gas uniformly for combustion. Gaseous fuels disperse and rotate a amount of gas through multiple sets of jet nozzles, and sends it into flame tube and mixes with combustion air for fully combustion, and sprays pure high-temperature flame into hearth directly with feature of rapid temperature and full combustion of cold furnace ignition. Load regulation is adjustable from 30% -120 %. Combustion control system adopts automatic / manual adjustment, and automatic mode can be switched with manual status undisturbedly. Ratio can be adjusted according to set temperature, which is a new type of combustion apparatus.
  • Ignition device: Burner is equipped with ignition gun and main feed gas gun. Adopting method of reigniting: taking natural gas or liquefied gas as source of ignition, and ignition gun shall be equipped with high-energy ignition device and igniter solenoid valve for burning torch ignition and ignition time control. Ignition gun should be closed after ignition flame is established and stabilized for about 30-60 seconds(adjustable).
  • Flame monitoring device: Adopting “ultraviolet flame detection controller”, when flame detector is detecting flame, immediately close quick-acting truncation pneumatic ball valve and gives off alarm signal.
  • External leak detection devices: Gate between fuel gas control line shall be installed with external leak detector. When leakage rate of governor valve reaches detected concentrations, the device gives off audible alarm.

Natural gas burner photos

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