Application: 1000t/d project for laterite ore roasting
Specifications: Φ4.4X100m
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Laterite nickel rotary kiln is one of the key equipment in the laterite nickel ore rotary kiln smelting process. Ore after drying in laterite nickel ore by rotary kiln, in rotary kiln is heated to 800 DEG C after removal of the ore surface water and crystal water, and reducing ore of iron, nickel, and cobalt oxide, into the smelting furnace. Compared with laterite kiln process and blast furnace or electric furnace process has the following advantages:
(1) the main energy sources are coal, rather than expensive coke or electric energy.
(2), free choice of raw materials, all kinds of available Southeast laterite.
(3), produced high nickel ferronickel high quality (including Ni20%), can be directly used as raw materials for the production of stainless steel.
(4) at the same time can be used as molten steel coolant.

Laterite Nickel Rotary Kiln

Laterite Nickel Rotary Kiln

Nickel resources are divided into two types: magmatic nickel sulfide deposits and weathered laterite nickel ore. Currently about 70% of the nickel is extracted from the nickel sulfide, but  65% -70% nickel laterite deposits nickel reserves in the Laterite-Nickel Ore.
We mainly introduce the disposing ways of the Laterite-Nickel Ore, included pyrogenic process and wet process.
The pyrogenic process divided into Blast-furnace smelting and Rotary Kiln Calcine Reduction.
Blast furnace smelting with high pollution, energy consumption is relatively high, basically in a state of elimination.
Rotary kiln electric furnace smelting reduction process, power consumption by 50%, requiring a higher grade nickel ore.
Wet Process: wet process is pressured acid leaching. Equipment investment venue is relatively large, relatively long construction period, maturity is not enough.
After calcining kiln iron grain output by magnetic separation, jigging, enrichment, nickel output by 18% to 22% of the nickel-iron alloy for stainless steel into production.

Rotary Kiln Calcine Reduction:

Nickle Ore–Dry–Crushing–with the coke, flux unregular group —preheat –Dehydration reduction of rotary kiln–Solid state, a molten slag and iron mixture–water quenching–milling–high intensity magnetic separation of iron slag and other multi-stage separation–fine granular nickle ore–the electric furnace re-melting– refining desulfurization–Nickel laterite ore typically contains about 30% water (crystal water).

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