Applicable fuel: diesel oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, coke oven gas and so on.
Application of furnace type: rotary kiln



Fuel Oil Burner

Fuel Oil Burner

“The fuel oil burner”, adopting patented products of our company, and its main characteristics is as follows: extending the rotary kiln for several meters and directly spray pure high-temperature flame into high-temperature area within the hearth so as to offer a solution to burner overheating problem, which is chartered by no smoking, quick warming and complete burning when firing in cold hearth. The load regulation is available from 50% to 120%. Flame tube of burner is manufactured by adopting high temperature resistance while combustion system is a new type of combustion device by adopting Hongke patented technology and combustion mechanism design. It is suitable for warming and heating of rotary kiln.

Download PDF: Hongke fuel oil burner Instruction for use (327 downloads)


regenerative combustion technology has changed the traditional way of combustion, mainly for fuel and space
The gas enters into the furnace from the different nozzle passage at the appropriate speed, and the combustion in the furnace.
Product, O2 content in the air is diluted, the fuel in the furnace at high temperature (1000 C
(on) the low oxygen concentration field (6.5% ~ 5%) under the condition of combustion, this kind of combustion mode brings
Many advantages
(1) the energy saving effect is remarkable, and the average energy saving than the traditional melting furnace is more than 25%.
(2) to eliminate the local high temperature area, uniform temperature distribution
(3) improve the heating quality
(4) prolong the service life of the refractory materials of the furnace
(5) reduce greenhouse gas CO2 emissions and NOX biomass
(6) high efficiency heat storage carrier (honeycomb body, ceramic ball) with long service life

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