Russia Phosphogypsum Drying Calcination

[operation]: 1-10t/h
[Processing material]: Phosphogypsum, lime, limestone
[performance advantage]: with high efficiency, high quality, energy saving, full use of resources, in line with the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development
[composition equipment]: Feeders, shakers, grading machines, mixing drums, dryers, phosphogypsum rotary calcination kiln
Production status:
Phosphogypsum with larger water content is transported to the hopper and then to the feed end of the kiln for drying and calcination so that the inclination of the feed end is larger than the natural inclination of the gypsum so that the phosphogypsum can smoothly flow into the calcination kiln. Is an angle with the horizontal line of rotating cylinder, gypsum from the higher end of the cylinder to join, heat from the gypsum into the side or from the lower end of the cylinder into the cylinder with the rotation of gypsum by The action of gravity runs to the lower end of the cylinder. During the movement, the wet gypsum directly or indirectly receives the heat of the heating medium so that the wet gypsum can be effectively calcined.
Customer feedback:

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