cement kiln

The system mainly includes six complete active lime production line: raw material crushing system, storage system, calcined coal grinding and combustion system, kiln exhaust gas treatment system, cooling and conveying system, finished product storage and unloading system. Active lime production line, the technological process is as follows: qualified limestone deposited in the hopper, the hoist lifting and transport into the preheater top of silo, silo top preheater, composed of 2 level control the feeding amount, and then through the feeding tube will be evenly distributed to each chamber of the limestone preheater; limestone is 1150 C kiln flue gas heated to 900 DEG C in the preheater, about 30% of the hydraulic push rod into the environmental decomposition, lime kiln, lime limestone in rotary kiln by sintering the decomposition of CaO and CO2; generated after the decomposition of the material into the cooler, cold air is blown into the cooler cooling to 100 DEG C discharged. A cooler lime by vibrating feeder, conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor into lime storehouse.
[operation]: 150-600t/d
[Processing material]: Oxidation roasting of chromium and nickel iron ore, roasting of refractory materials, bauxite of high aluminium content, roasting clinker of aluminium plant, aluminium hydroxide, chemical roasting chromium ore and chromite powder etc..
[performance advantage]: with high efficiency, high quality, energy saving, full use of resources, in line with the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development
[composition equipment]: Vertical preheater, vertical cooler, cement kiln, vibration feeder, bucket chain conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor equipment etc.., jaw crusher, etc.
Customer feedback:

Hongke activated lime rotary kiln production line is very good, in cement grinding process never fell off the chain; in the operation simple and convenient, save the manpower and material inputs, buy equipment of Hongke is really at ease, comfortable!