iron oxide rotary kiln

On December 20th, the iron oxide rotary kiln ordered by Pakistan customers was successfully installed. The customer company is a production line invested by Pakistan’s well-known mining group. The company has strong strength and rich experience. The customer purchased a jaw crusher from our company, then purchased a rotary kiln and finally purchased a whole iron oxide rotary kiln production line. iron oxide rotary kiln
The iron oxide rotary kiln is mainly used to propose iron oxide ore. Iron oxide is a kind of high quality direct reduced iron ore. It has the characteristics of no powdering, high activity, high compressive strength and low carbon content. It can replace scrap steel as the main raw material for electric steelmaking, in metallurgy, steel, Building materials, machinery and other fields have a wide range of applications. iron oxide rotary kiln
The iron oxide rotary kiln is used for the calcination of iron oxide materials. The equipment is carefully designed by special techniques and techniques. Therefore, the iron oxide rotary kiln is not only high in technological content, but also superior in performance. It is a highly versatile equipment. First, at present, there are many manufacturers of iron oxide rotary kiln in China. Through comparison, we recommend Hongke Heavy Industry to users. The reason is that this manufacturer has strong strength and has a very high technical level in the production of iron oxide rotary kiln. Guaranteed, excellent performance, so recommend this manufacturer here. iron oxide rotary kiln