rotary kiln

As rotary kiln is becoming more and more important in modern industrial production, the demand for rotary kiln equipment on the market is also increasing. Henan Hongke Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of high-quality rotary kiln. It has advanced technology and production facilities to provide customers with reliable rotary kiln equipment. Please call and consult the equipment details and prices.
    In industrial production, rotary kiln calcining equipment is a kind of high-temperature rotating building materials equipment, commonly known as rotary kiln. In actual production, rotary kiln can be divided into cement rotary kiln, ceramic rotary kiln, metallurgical rotary kiln, chemical rotary kiln and lime rotary kiln according to different materials. At present, rotary kiln equipment has become more and more widely used in many industrial fields, and its calcination industry is becoming more and more important. The role of the kiln skin during the calcination of the rotary kiln system has to be valued by the users of the rotary kiln. The following contents will be explained by the technical staff of the Henan Hongke expert group to explain the role and value of the kiln skin of the rotary kiln system. Points: 1. Rotary kiln system kiln skin storage thermal energy function: kiln skin can reduce the heat loss of kiln shell of rotary kiln equipment, play the role of efficient storage of thermal energy, and greatly improve the thermal efficiency of system calcination. 2. The kiln skin of the rotary kiln can protect the refractory brick from high temperature burning, thus greatly prolonging the service life of the refractory brick. 3. The surface of the kiln skin of the rotary kiln is rough, which can control and reduce the flow speed of the powder, and prolong the residence time of the material in the calcination zone within a certain range, and prolong the reaction process. 4. The kiln skin of the rotary kiln can act as a heat transfer medium. Because the kiln skin is exposed to high temperature air, a large amount of heat in the air can be absorbed by radiation and convection, and then the lower part is in full contact with the material, and the heat is quickly transferred to the calcination. Raw material, thereby promoting the formation of high temperature environment in the kiln and improving the calcination effect of the material in the kiln. For more questions about the kiln skin of the rotary kiln system, please consult the engineers of Hongke and I wish you a happy life.
    Hongke is committed to the research and development of rotary kiln equipment for more than 20 years. We are brave enough to go forward and innovate. The rotary kiln equipment developed is of stable quality and excellent performance. Welcome customers and friends to visit and purchase.

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