cement kiln

In the rotary kiln combustion process, there will always be a ring-forming phenomenon, but depending on the situation, there will be different treatments, and the measures that cement plants generally take are:

1. In the process of heating the rotary kiln, in order to ensure that the refractory material is heated at a constant rate and raises the temperature, a certain amount of coal ash deposition will naturally occur. Therefore, only according to the rules, the kiln head and the kiln tail are used to the kiln. Into eight tons of stone powder. However, if there is still fuel left in the rotary kiln, this operation may not be performed, but the start of the kiln main motor shall be carried out according to the rotary kiln operation rules to ensure that the coal ash and the storage material can fully achieve mixing.

2, can make the burner as far as possible into the direction of the kiln, open the outside wind opening degree, the internal wind is 50% is most suitable, after the feeding operation, with the increase of the secondary air temperature, you can gradually retreat If there is a ringing condition, the internal air opening can be adjusted to full opening, and the external air opening can be changed to 50% or less, so that the secondary air temperature can better control the length of the black fire head and effectively prevent it. The creation of a loop.