rotary kiln

The rotary kiln produced by Hongker is a kind of cylinder-rotatable equipment. It can be used as a new type of machinery for sintering raw materials such as cement raw material, ceramic raw materials and active lime. It is a supporting and cement production line, a ceramic granule production line, and a lime production line. A high-efficiency rotary spinning equipment, with high-speed production capacity, can adjust the amount of feed of the entire material in the kiln. Because it is a horizontal rotary operation method, which saves power, it has a very important role in the industrial fields. Auxiliary equipment generally includes: preheater and cooler.
Firstly, Hongke spin-rotary kiln base is made of steel structure. In the kiln, high-temperature and high-abrasion resistant materials are used for welding, and devices for preventing deformation and reinforcement are set in the kiln.
Secondly, gears are used to drive large gears in the kiln. The power is provided by the electric motor. The support rollers are made of steel castings to prevent long-term rotation of the rollers.
Thirdly, the machine manufactured by Hongke includes an automatic adjustment device to quickly adjust the operating speed and the amount of pellets into the equipment. The real-time reaction of internal equipment can be performed in real time, and the continuous 24 hours a day. The production, in addition to some, is also equipped with advanced anti-cycling devices.
Hongke has always been committed to providing users with the best and most comprehensive all-around sales, pre-sale and after-sales experience, and innovating the user’s convenience of users’ continuous feedback, providing users with one-click boot automation and efficient operation. Allow users to quickly get started in a short period of time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Widely used in various refractory materials, chemical environmental protection industries, dolomite light burning, soda, phosphate fertilizer, antimony sulfide, and other industries, with a strong ability to burn decomposition, save power consumption, using dust collectors in the production process for environmental protection In particular, the important components and bearings, these important components are isolated and sealed, the failure is less than the traditional rotary kiln equipment, is the best choice for domestic traditional high energy consumption, low output ideal equipment.
Hongke rotating rotary kiln equipment technical characteristics:
1, mainly by the kiln body, motor, supporting wheel, bracket and other components.
2. The material is tumbling under the driving of the big gear, and is in contact with the high temperature to fully decompose the material.
3, the material will go through the preheater before entering the kiln, at the same time will produce pre-decomposition of the material, forming a strong decomposition capacity.