rotary kiln

Rotary kiln  is a high-yield, low-energy-calcination equipment developed by our company for many years in the field of calcining equipment based on the improvement of similar products. It is currently the domestic advanced high-performance preheating, calcining and cooling as phase. The matching cultivation equipment has been widely used in the production and processing of lime, cement, metallurgy, etc. Compared with other simple kiln and shaft kiln, the output is higher and it is the preferred equipment for the calcination of various kinds of mine material equipment.

Application of small rotary kiln production areas:
The rotary kiln has a wide range of applications. In the industrial field, it is ideal for processing cement, lime, and metallurgical powders. In the backside process of the production line, it can generate a large amount of high temperature, can be introduced into the preheater, and reduce the high cost of investment. It is also widely applied to various kaolin, bauxite, ore, nickel-iron and other materials that require calcination reactions.
The structural principle of small rotary kiln:
The machine adopts a rotary structure and has an efficient rotation principle. During the rotation process, the material enters the preheater for preheating. The preheated material eliminates the repeated processing in the kiln and is a powder. The material can also adopt advanced cyclone preheating treatment to increase the production capacity of the entire kiln body, reduce the reaction in the kiln, prolong the use time of the equipment, and improve the calcination capacity.