Rotary kiln installation worker

Doing a specific job,you need to master some basic skills, the same to the operators of rotary kiln. Many people may be relatively unfamiliar with rotary kilns but know boilers. In the north area, it is boiler that used as the main heating system for urban heating in winter. In fact, burning boiler is also a technical work, which is not just to add coal to the boiler and heat the water.Rotary kiln installation worker

It is a so huge system for the production line in the rotary kiln. In the same way, as a kiln worker, you need to master the real skills. What skills are needed for a kiln worker ?

Firstly, you need to watch the fire. It depends on the shape of the flame, the length of the black fire, the brightness and smoothness of the flame, the granulation of the clinker, the height and rolling of the clinker, the amount of material coming from behind, and the flatness and thickness of the kiln skin.

Secondly, the situation of the whole production line should be taken into account, especially the zone where materials enter into the kiln and come out of the kiln, which is especially important and needs to be taken into account before and after the production. It is strictly prohibited to have unstable incoming quantity, top fire that forcing burning, and the situation of calcined raw materials.

Thirdly, the consumption of fuel is also an important problem in the calcination process, kiln workers need to reduce the fluctuating range and fuel consumption according to the   temperature of exhausting gas .

Finally, the using time of rotary kiln depends on whether the kiln skin is strong enough or not, because it protects the kiln lining and guarantees the foundation of safe production .

The above four points are the basic and the most basic points that all kiln workers should pay attention to during the operation. But these skills are not mastered by reading some books. Some of them are accumulated over a long period of time, you need to communicate with your predecessors to find some valuable experience from them.